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SELECTION Collection

By MuraLuxe

This collection is the perfect balance between a quality/price ratio and an infinite choice of images. It has the best MuraLuxe have to offer and the most known collection of MuraLuxe.

  • Customizable dimensions according to YOUR project.
  • A choice of three finishes: gloss, satin, matte
  • A sustainable product by MuraLuxe
  • A selection of well searched images
  • Easy to maintain
  • An unlimited choice of images
  • No seal and quick installation


The idea of ​​this collection was born in order to satisfy our beloved customers by offering a customizable and sustainable product. How is the SELECTION different from other MuraLuxe collections? First by its quality / price ratio specific to MuraLuxe. Then by his choice of incalculable images and finally by it's highly customizable and versatile potential.

In this collection

Find the timeless design that's right for you