Forget ceramics, MuraLuxe is here.

MuraLuxe Inc. is revolutionizing the world of ceramics by offering a customizable alternative in printed aluminum, durable, seamless and quick installation.

MAKE IT A... Kitchen backsplash

Give your kitchen a different look by choosing aluminum as a backsplash!

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Why spend time scrubbing your shower when you have the choice to no longer have seals?

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CHOSE YOU'RE STYLE Endless possibilities

Be fancy! Millions of choices are available to you. Our image bank is just the beginning!

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Manufacturer of printed aluminum shower panels

MuraLuxe manufactures printed aluminum shower panels, customized with you, for you. Our products are sold and distributed mainly by plumbing shops.

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High resolution, high quality.

The design of your choice is printed directly on our aluminum panels. Advanced graphic processing and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer the best! No vinyl is used, we prioritize quality and durability.


Glossy, satin or matte

UV-resistant protection with the finish of your choice is applied to the panels. The applied coating guarantees that your panels will stand the test of time, UV rays and chemicals.


Easy and quick installation

Our panels are designed to fit on any shower and bath base. In the world we live in, there is no 100% straight wall. Fortunately, our panels adapt to your environment and not the other way around! Install your walls easily and quickly. Arm yourself with a hexacto, a ruler, silicone and a hole saw. Two hours later, it's over and beautiful!