Our history

MuraLuxe Inc. was launched in October 2016. The idea for MuraLuxe panels was born from Dempsey who wanted to find a way to produce a continuity of their epoxy floors on walls. After several months of research, prototypes and various tests, the MuraLuxe panels as you know them today were born.

Dempsey then teamed up with Karl, his best childhood friend, to create and build the business. The goal? Offer a unique product in a market lacking innovation and alternatives, while keeping the company "young". When MuraLuxe was born, Dempsey and Karl were aged 24 and 23 respectively.

In early 2019 Boris joined the MuraLuxe team. Dempsey and Karl met Boris in Trois-Rivières when he worked as an industrial commissioner at IDE (Economic Development Institute). Basically, he was there to help the company expand in Trois-Rivières. Over time, a chemistry was created and it is to the great happiness of all that he joined the team!