Listen to the installation video or check out our guide to see how easy the process is.

Did you know? MuraLuxe shower walls are so quick and easy to install that they are installed in less than 1.5 hours *

They are bonded with silicone and cut with an exacto type black utility knife. See below how it pays to choose MuraLuxe walls for its simple steps and short installation time.


Here is the summary installation process in 5 easy steps. * Please note that the steps below are a very brief summary, refer to the installation guide not to miss a step.

1. Glue the flashing

Apply the silicone on the outer surfaces of the aluminum flashing, as well as in the corner of the wall and stick firmly.

2. Test the panels

Test the panels to make sure the dimensions are adequate and to find if you have to cut them.

3. Cut (if necessary)

To cut the panel, hold the ruler firmly and pass several lines of exacto with increasing pressure. Then fold the section that will be excluded from the panel and the piece will separate if you have cut enough.

For the plumbing hole, use a drill and a whole saw. Take your measurements well and drill the hole of the right diameter on the image side.

4. Glue the panels

Clean and remove shower surfaces from contaminants and / or asperities; Remove the plastic wrap from the back of the panels. Apply the silicone on the wall. Put pressure on the panels to make sure they are evenly glued.

5. Finish

Clean the walls. Make the silicone joints in the right places and cut the moldings to the same height as the panels and stick them to the panels.


MuraLuxe shower panels are very easy to handle and do not require special care.

However, if you want to push back the cleaning, use a scraper at the end of each shower to remove drops of water and soap scum that could accumulate.

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MuraClean & MuraShine Bleach water Scraper Brush
Car cleaning soap VIM Microfiber Scrubbing pad
Hertel all-purpose M. Clean Clean cloth Steel wool
Dishsoap Sponge Any other abrasive tool
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