Micho (Bernard)


Micho A Artist-Photographer who works in partnership with MuraLuxe. Micho puts at your disposal his works, all more unique than the others. Concretely, that means you can have one of his gorgeous photos right in your shower, kitchen backsplash, and more!

                    Three autumns and thousands of photos later will have given hundreds of shots defining a unique signature. Indeed like an autumn dresser, after this one is stripped, it gives him a new shine by multiple mirror effects where three realities intermingle through the water: the landscape that there is reflected, the leaves floating there or those lying under the water. The theme reveals so many facets that intrigue and fascinate the viewer. The result is a trompe-l'oeil effect between painting and photography. This artistic work will have given birth to another dimension that he called the fifth season .
The frost on a window, is in fact one and the same window he photographed for 5 years at his apartment, in his room where he lived at the time. so from December to April, almost every day in the early morning, for half an hour, he took thousands of photos. It must be said that the conditions and parameters were all together to make this artistic work. window opening on the sky without background, isolated mals, giving it an ideal condensation according to the variations of temperature. and above all the primordial element, a fantastic light is a rising sun behind, neither more nor less than a moving natural studio lighting. slowly, as the days went by, a whole world appeared on this frosted glass plate.